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Since 2020, we've been pioneers in people counting technology, and our extensive experience and innovative solutions have benefited organizations across various sectors, including retail, public, education, and transport. Our product range spans from cost-effective beam counters to advanced overhead thermal and video systems, all complemented by our powerful software and reporting tools, delivering valuable insights to our customers.

Datazone Systems offers a versatile range of cost-effective Footfall Counting Systems to meet the footfall data needs of businesses across multiple sectors. We provide specialized solutions, including V-Count People Counter, along with comprehensive business technology consultations.

Based in Halifax, Datazone Systems brings you the world's leading 3D Customer Counter and Retail Analytics solution from V-Count, ensuring precise visitor counting for retail stores and shopping malls. The adept professionals at Datazone Systems collaborate closely with you to provide premium-grade solutions, ensuring that your business thrives with uninterrupted productivity and enhanced profitability. With us as your partner, you can direct your energies toward growing your business while resting assured that your IT needs are in expert hands.

Enterprise-Wide Analytics

Comprehensive insights to optimize labor, store performance, marketing effectiveness, merchandising, and real-estate investments. 

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Global insights and analytics based on over 165 billion shopper visits counted.

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A dedicated team that helps retailers understand the actions that will drive the greatest impacts.

V-Count People Counter

People Counting Solutions in Halifax

In response to the changing retail landscape, traditional shopping malls have experienced a decline in revenue generation. In this digital age, consumers increasingly prefer online stores over in-person retail experiences. However, there are steps that can be taken to address this shift. As consumer behaviors continue to evolve, shopping mall operators are embracing new technologies to analyze consumer habits within their premises. Visitor Analytics Technology is a valuable tool that businesses use to gain insights and analytics into their customers' activities.

V-Count brings e-commerce-style analytics to your physical locations, helping you enhance your business efficiency by understanding visitor activity and receiving automated recommendations. Increase your sales conversion rates by managing all your physical spaces, devices, and business growth on a single platform.

Total Footfall Measurement

One of the obvious benefits of V-Count's people counting technology is gaining precise information about how many people are entering your establishment. This metric is crucial for optimizing your business's performance and success. Relying solely on total daily transaction counts and sales reports provides only a fraction of the overall picture of how well your establishment is performing. Customers may not make a purchase during their initial or even subsequent visits. Accurately measuring footfall in your mall provides insight into your overall effectiveness. You can then use this information to drive initiatives that better engage your customer base and generate revenue.

Gain Insight into Floors and Areas

With the assistance of visitor analytics software, mall operators can track which of their marketing efforts attract the most footfall and measure the ROI of their events and activities. The cost of marketing materials and collateral can be significant, so understanding which measures effectively drive business to your location is crucial for developing and maintaining successful campaigns. By monitoring consumer activity within your shopping mall, you can optimize and expand upon the programs that yield the most success while eliminating efforts with little to no positive results.

Visitor Counting in Large Space

Visitor Counting in Large Space

Visitor counting devices assist businesses in estimating the number of customers who visit their physical stores or offices daily. Heatmap technology reveals how visitors move within the space, indicating the sections people visit the most, the products they interact with, and the average time spent in each section. On the other hand, queue management devices track how long each customer spends at the checkout counter. While these devices provide raw data, without proper interpretation, the data can be essentially useless.

The V-Count Business Intelligence Platform interprets the collected data and presents it in easily understandable reports. This enables managers to formulate data-backed business and marketing strategies that optimize service delivery, improve visitor-to-customer conversion, and increase sales.

Shopping Mall Visitor Count

Prevent Lost Sales Opportunities

How many customers enter your store but leave without making a purchase? What is the primary reason for customers abandoning their carts? What measures can be implemented to prevent such occurrences in the future? The answers to these questions can assist businesses in reducing lost sales opportunities and improving their conversion rates.

With data from people counting devices in the store, the V-Count Business Intelligence Platform can analyze customer traffic versus completed sales.

This information helps the manager understand how many sales opportunities were lost per hour or per shift. For instance, if data from queue management devices indicate long wait times during a specific period, it becomes evident that customers abandoned their carts due to lengthy checkout queues. The data highlights that the store was ill-prepared for and overwhelmed by heavy visitor traffic. Steps can then be taken to prevent a recurrence, such as opening new checkout lines and reallocating staff from less busy areas to checkout duties.

Staff Allocation

Improve Staff Allocation

Business locations that offer specific services, such as banks, telecom service centers, car showrooms, restaurants, and bars, require an optimal staff-to-visitor ratio to ensure efficient service delivery. The V-Count Business Intelligence Platform utilizes historical data from heatmap and people counting devices to provide managers with the staff-to-visitor ratio per hour (or per shift).

This data allows them to assess their day-to-day staffing requirements. Additionally, through computer-automated recommendations, the platform guides managers on the number of staff or attendants needed at specific times to achieve peak performance.

Consequently, managers can allocate staff effectively, providing them with breaks during slower periods and ensuring that all hands are on deck during peak hours.

Sales Conversion

Sales Conversion

Imagine creating a new advertisement and being able to measure how many new customers visited your stores as a result of it. Or launching a new marketing initiative and being able to determine its impact on sales and customer conversion. The Marketing Campaign Analyzer provides businesses with a comparison of customer activity in their stores before and after introducing a new marketing effort.

People counting devices provide the numbers on how many more customers are visiting the store, heatmap data shows how many people are checking out the new product, and the Business Intelligence Platform interprets this data to estimate the increase in traffic and sales due to the new initiative.

Changes in other performance indicators, such as sales conversion, footfall activity, dwell time, etc., before and after the campaign, can also be measured. This allows businesses to gauge the effectiveness of their marketing expenditures, potentially discontinuing ineffective campaigns and fine-tuning successful strategies for even greater effectiveness.

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